Be prepared and have no regrets

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白紙です orz



It happned to me at a technical meeting. When a speaker was giving a talk, he mentioned inanely that “This experimental facility will be reported by Dr. A this afternoon in detail.”

Well. Dr. A, just sitting next to me, is one of my friends, was staring a PowerPoint page on a laptop screen with a serious face.

I just curiously asked him “What are you doing ?” and looking into his PC screen,
and found that

There is a title page with a showy tile line of the PowerPoint, which declares the experimental facility, as I understood that he intends to write something about it. I expected he might have several sentences below that explaining the facility in technical jargons.

Well… it was empty.

I asked him if “Are you going to give a talk on this ? Will you be able to prepare this by your time slot ?”

He simply kept silence.

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